Yau Lee Holdings Limited

Yau Lee Holdings Limited [The Group] was listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in 1991. Based on a solid foundation of conventional construction experience, its subsidiary, Yau Lee Construction Company Limited, founded in 1958, had progressively developed as one of the leading and most experienced construction companies in Hong Kong. Subsequently, the Group has expanded its business into different areas in line with the market needs. Subsidiaries like Ming Hop Company Limited, Yau Lee Wah Concrete Precast Products Company Limited and VHSoft Technologies Company Limited were established in 1982, 1997 and 1998 respectively.

The Group has expanded its territory globally since 90s. Under the recognition of the works receiving from different clients, the Group is progressive in strategic business developments started from China, Macau, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates. The Company's major businesses include building construction, maintenance, renovation, plumbing and drainage works, electrical and mechanical works, building materials supply, precast products manufacturing and trading, property development, hotel and property investment, IT solution and services, etc. The Group employs more than three thousands of employees worldwide.

Each subsidiary of the Group has its own scope of business and management culture. However, at the same time, each subsidiary collaborates its resources with other subsidiaries in order to boost up the working efficiency and achieve better cost-control.

The Group upholds an innovative and flexible operation, as well as a momentum of continuous improvement, in order to enhance the working efficiency and competitiveness, providing even more professional services and high quality products to the customers. The Group also strives to seek other feasible business opportunities, so as to enlarge its business scope .