Famous Million Limited

Famous Million Limited (FML) has been established in 2009. Echoing the group's green vision, FML has induced a patented environmental friendly intelligent concrete production system named Excelicrete™ from the US in 2011 and widely promote in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Excelicrete™ V Intelligent Concrete

Excelicrete™ is a patented environmental friendly intelligent concrete production system which devises a revolutionary concrete design mix approach to the construction industry that optimizes the mix designs of concrete. The performance of concrete can achieve higher strength and enhanced workability with less cement constituents. Thus, the compressive strength, design lifespan, durability, shrinkage and creep and permeability are significantly improved.

The advanced Self-Compacting Excelicrete™ is highly fluid to allow self-leveling, and penetration into complicated areas and formwork. The use of High Strength Self Compacting Concrete helps lift overall productivity, shortens the construction time as well as reduces noise pollution that arises from tremor work.

In order to ensure high quality of the concrete, Excelicrete™ Link will be set up to provide real time monitoring of all weights, slump, yield, water to cement ratio and strength results throughout the whole production process. Instant alert from automated alarm will be generated once batching errors are identified. Excelicrete™ Link can also provide standardized QC and management reports by evaluating the production process using x-charts, Cpk charts and CUSUM charts.

Both Excelicrete™ and Self Compacting Excelicrete™ are more economical than the traditional concrete as they can reduce the need for cement by as much as 25% in a typical construction task. As a result, 15% of cost saving in D45/20/100 Excelicrete™ and 25% of cost saving in D45/10/700 Self Compacting Excelicrete™ can be achieved. It breaks the concept of environmentally friendly products are usually in higher cost.

In summary, Excelicrete™ and Self Compacting Excelicrete™ offer higher quality, lower costs and better environmental footprint to the industry.