REC Green Energy Solutions Company Limited

REC Green Energy Solutions Company Limited (RGE) provides our clients with innovative green solutions and software which applicable in both new buildings and renovation projects since 2012. RGE is dedicated to provide solutions to ensure the clients are achieving the highest possible level of energy savings without interruption to the operations. Our products range from Energy Optimization Solutions, Building Management System, Elevator destination management system to real time energy monitoring management system.

With the collaboration of REC Green Technologies Company Limited, a fully integrated energy saving model can be designed to fulfill clients green vision.

Below we proudly present the highlight of RGEs energy saving products:

Energy Optimization Solution (EOS)

Our engineering team will deliver an all-in-one energy optimization solution, by transforming the renovation or new building to become energy efficiency building, it offers a better environment for its inhabitant; and energy consumption is reduced. Our service include energy consumption diagnosis, MEP system design, performance improvement consultation, and application of energy efficient solutions leading to a 50% to 70% power saving.

Power Box V Energy Monitoring and Analysis System

The Power Box is a web-based platform for all users to view life energy consumption of all projects at any location. Power information of major facilities and systems are collected through the Power Box. Installed with reporting and analysis softwares, it also provides a platform to fulfill the demand of energy monitoring, reporting, and data storage for up to a few years to fulfill requirements of Energy Audit and ISO 50001:2011. The building operator and facility management can easily consolidate energy data for monitoring, analysis, and sharing analytic data for third-party control and operation. Details and reports can be printed and emailed for further uses.

Building Management System (BMS)

Building Management System is a computer-based control system implemented in the buildings to control and monitor the equipment performance and alert the operation staff without delay as well as enhancing HVAC plant efficiency with the application of control algorithm. It helps you reduce operational and energy costs, increase productivity and make fast and accurate decisions on your energy strategy.