Yau Lee Curtain Wall and Steel Works Limited

Yau Lee Curtain Wall and Steel Works Limited established in 2005 is a specialize contractor in design, supply fabrication and installation of quality architectural curtain walling, cladding systems, glass wall, window wall, canopy, louvers balustrade, covered walkway and structural steel works for use in architectural application of commercial and residential projects in Hong Kong. In 2009, the Company has been successfully in achieving accredited certification to ISO9001:2008.

The Company provides professional services in design, manufacturing, installation, testing and maintenance of the projects for the clients. It has been listed in the Performance Record of Curtain Wall Specialists of Architectural Services Department, HKSAR and successfully completed numerous projects in various premises in Hong Kong, including residential, office, hotel, hospital, steel structural bridge and educational facilities in both private and public sectors.

In order to synchronize with the business expansion of Yau Lee Group, Yau Lee Curtain Wall and Steel Works (Macau) Ltd. is established in 2007, providing a full range of curtain wall system design and engineering services as well as high performance metal works product in Macau.

The Company is operated by a team of experienced technologist including managers, engineers, designers and quantity surveyors Chartered/Registered Professional Engineers are also employed to ensure that all statutory requirements including environmental and safety aspects are fully in compliance.

For the past years, the Company had participated in a numbers of design and installation of curtain wall system and structural steel projects in various types of premises. Recently, the Company has been awarded numerous large scale contracts including Extension Block of Prince Wales Hospital, Redevelopment of Lo Wu Correctional Institute etc. With extensive experience, it provides the clients not only development of curtain wall system but also a safe, economical and functional environment.

The Group further expands its business through establishment of Yau Lee Curtain Wall and Steel Works (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., to provide professional design and installation of curtain wall system as well as steel structure in Asia-pacific countries.