Yau Lee Hing Materials Manufacturing Limited

Yau Lee Hing Materials Manufacturing Limited (YLH), established in 2009, mainly focuses on the design and supply of Starfon™. Starfon™ is an environment-friendly building material which is suitable for many architectural projects. Starfon™ has been used by the Hong Kong Housing Authority, Sands Cotai Central, Holiday Inn Express Hong Kong Soho, etc. This does not only align with the Yau Lee Group's strategic direction to become a leading green corporation but also revolutionizes the construction industry at large.

Yau Lee Hing has developed and established large-scale production lines equipped with advanced manufacturing systems and facilities in Huizhou. We operate with the quality management certificate of ISO 9001:2008 and follow firmly the quality management system, in order to provide innovative green products and excellent services to all of our clients.

Starfon™ Environment-Friendly Building Materials

Starfon™ is an eco-friendly building material, using an innovative and patented cementitious composite extrusion technology and made with materials such as cementitious binders, fiber, recycled glass and other inorganic fillers. During the curing process of the substrate, only a low amount of heat is required to support the system. In addition, we apply different combinations of UV curable inks and coatings to our products. Compared with other coating methods, such as aqueous coating and varnish, UV coating is a clean coating method that has no VOC emission and reduces energy consumption. Throughout the manufacturing process, our products are subjected to strict inspections and tests which guarantee the products high quality. In accordance to BS EN 12467:2004, ASTM C1185-08 and all related coating tests, our products are proven to have good mechanical properties, durability, resistance to fire, chemicals and other dangerous substances.

Aware of the high demands and specific needs of our clients, Starfon™ offers a wide range of products, including marble, printed image, wood, monotone, fiber optics and metal, with a variety of sizes, colors and textures available. With the help and support of experts and elites of the field, Starfon™ is able to provide suitable materials for a wide range of circumstances and needs, such as commercial and residential buildings, hotels, shopping malls, club houses, and many more.