Community Relations

With the aim of contributing to the society, Yau Lee Holdings Limited has been actively engaged and organized different kinds of community activities, in the hope of giving a hand to the people in need.

Yau Lee has formed a "Yau Lee Tender-Love-Care Group", which has been organizing different kinds of community activities throughout the years. With the intention of providing more opportunity to staff in participating social service, the team is well received by Yau Lee's staff members.

Since 2004, Yau Lee has been awarded the "Caring Company" logo from the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, working hand in hand with the other caring companies to build a better Hong Kong.

In the coming future, Yau Lee Holdings will organize different kinds of social service for the disadvantaged groups in hand with social service institutions, collaborating our utmost efforts to reciprocate the community beneficiaries.

Social Services and Activities