Health & Safety

Yau Lee Group is committed to the promotion of health and safety at work to provide suitable working environment for our workers and business partners. Our primary objective is to eliminate the possibility of accidents occurring, in particular, serious or fatal accidents. The safety of the public in the proximity of the areas of our working places will also be ensured.

Health and safety management is an essential element to be considered together with our endeavour to ensure smooth execution of our works. Our highly professional staff are dedicated to the enhancement of existing safety provisions and equipment as well as the development of innovative safety systems. Providing such safe and healthy working environment enables all workers to improve their working efficiency and augment the quality of health and safety at works.

Yau Lee adopts the international OHSAS 18001 System to ensure occupational safety and health. Our past safety performance record had been exemplary. Winner of numerous safety awards, Yau Lee achieved a very low accident rate, consistently over 50% lower than the industrial average.

Health & Safety Policy

In-House Safety Measures