Yau Lee Group believes that continuous improvement and up-trend working method are the keys to maintain the Group's competitiveness in the market and the secret to quality products and services. Thus, the Group has committed relentlessly to research and the development of innovative building methods, which include devices and equipment as well as procedural techniques suitable for different kinds of projects. This enabled uplifting of the level of quality, safety and health, environmental protection and efficiency to enhance the competitiveness of the Group.

Empowered by the innovative construction system and advanced information system, Yau Lee Group is able to increase work efficiency and reduce cost at the same time. Within all systems developed by the Group, the Yau Lee Semi-precast Construction System and VHSoft's softwares and solutions have achieved excellent accomplishments.

The Group has been partnering with clients and integrated with Yau Lee Wah Concrete Precast Products Company Limited., its subsidiary, which has established a large-scale R & D and production base in Long Hua Town of Shenzhen, equipped with advanced manufacturing system and facilities. Yau Lee Wah acts as a research centre for mock-up trials to form design team for research and development in precast construction, offering construction works integrated with customer services to enhance the reputation of the Company, designers and client.

Yau Lee also adopts the advanced information technologies in project management for higher efficiency and accuracy. Its subsidiary, VHSoft Technologies Company Limited, has joined force with renowned universities in Hong Kong and Mainland China to develop various tools to effectively increase project management efficiency.

Innovative Facilities For Site Works