Yau Lee views their employees as the greatest assets of the organization that contribute best to organizational effectiveness. In order to advance in the ever-changing and competitive market, the Group has early established a long-term training strategy for the development of corporate and staff.

To achieve the corporate vision in continuous improvement; Yau Lee has prepared the long-term training plan for the staff, subcontractors and workers. In order to uplift the quality of products and services, the Group has been providing training programs regarding knowledge, technical know-how, awareness of statutory ordinance and working attitude to staff.

Apart from in-house training programs to improve their works, the Group also encourages employees to explore their potential by supporting them to take external courses for further development.

Yau Lee also believes in the good people management practices that help to build up a highly motivated and efficient workforce. The Group has developed a philosophy of collective consultation and simple execution for its human resources management. As a result of this philosophy, Yau Lee has ensured that the policies of the Company are accepted by all concerned and implemented efficiently and effectively. Yau Lee was one of the 19 companies amongst over 200 entries who successfully received the 2001 Good People Management Award from the Labour Department in recognition of its achievement.

Training Activities

Staff Activities