Yau Lee Construction Company Limited has adopted ISO 9001 Quality Management System to govern the operation of the company.

Provision of excellent quality products and services to customers is the business policy of the company. Yau Lee aims at total customers satisfaction and exceeding its expectations.

Quality Knowledge Management is the lifeblood of the enterprise for survival. In the increasingly competitive marketplace, Yau Lee's success depends critically on the quality of knowledge applying to its core business processes, the continuous creation of innovative building technologies, the continuous improvement of construction quality and the continuous creation of valuable products and services to customers.

Experienced construction teams with expertise in building construction are assigned to all Yau Lee's projects. The project teams are fully responsible for the planning, developing and monitoring the projects to assure the achievement of the excellent quality of works.

All Yau Lee's staff believe that "quality, knowledge and innovation" are the critical success factors of the company, and hence they all work together with full team spirit and continuously strengthen themselves to be more competitive in the market.

Quality Policy